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Laboratory Testing Services

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Laboratory Testing Services

As a continuation to provide value-added calibration services to the industries, the former Yokogawa Standard Laboratory calibration service operation was transferred to the newly setup PEI Standard Laboratory.

What PEI Offers:

Calibration Services

  • Quick calibration turnaround time

  • Collection and delivery services

  • Competitive calibration fee

  • Yokogawa Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) calibration support

  • Comprehensive annual calibration services contracts

  • Automated notification of instrument calibration upon expiry

  • Calibration training and consultancy service


What can be Calibrated?

  • Analogue or Digital Multi-range AC/DC meters

  • Single-phase / 3 phase Wattmeters, Analogue or Digital

  • Digital Thermometers & Temperature Recorders (Type J,K,T,PT 100ohm)

  • Temperature Transmitters

  • Analogue and Digital oscilloscopes

  • Resistance Boxes, Bridges

  • Process Field Multifunction Calibrators

  • Contact us @ for calibration services support

Calibration Workshop

  • PEI is certified OJT Centre under ITE, Singapore since 1 August 1999.

  • PEI conducts a 2 day workshop on “Uncertainty of Measurement Course”.

  • This 2-day course is designed to equip the participants the knowledge and skills in evaluating & reporting uncertainty of measurement computation.

  • Trainer experiences on various Measurement Techniques and Calibration Measurement Capability (CMC) evaluation will be discussed during the training.

  • Contact us @ for course contents and detailed schedule

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