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Our Services


Supply, Install, Testing and Commissioning of following :-

  • Detail Engineering of Electrical System.

  • High Voltage  Switchgear & Distribution Transformer

  • Low Voltage  Switchgear & Distribution Transformer

  • Standby Generator System

  • CCTV System

  • Telephone Distribution System

  • Structural Cabling System

  • Car Barrier & Guidance System

  • Underground Electrical and Telephone Duct Banks Construction 

  • HT, LT and Telephone Cabling, Splicing, including Raceway

  • Excavation and construction of cable trench (existing or new trench)

  • Switchgear, Transformer and Switchboard, Generators, Busduct, UPS, Battery, MCCs DBs, Control Panels, etc 

  • Explosion-Proof Installation 

  • Lighting and Small Power Installations

  • Earthing and Lightning Protection

  • IT Network Equipment, PABX, Telephone system, Optical Fibre, Multi-core communication, UTP Cabling

  • Licensing of Electrical Installations

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